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David Strathairn est un acteur ou un artiste dans un film qui est connu et dans le monde de l'industrie du film dans le monde très respecté, pour obtenir dans une revendication David Strathairn toujours l'enthousiasme des gens dans le monde qui ont désespérément manqué son travail avec inspiré de nombreux autres joueurs, David Strathairn dans une scène est incroyablement inspirant tout le monde dans le rôle principal dans un film, voici la préface brièvement, ce qui peut être affiché sur l'étoile David Strathairn, et être une source d'inspiration pour nous tous dans le monde du cinéma, espérons-le, et ne pas oublier le Voici quelques-unes du film David Strathairn devrait regarder dehors pour si vous n'êtes pas prudent, vous montre vraiment tout perdre.

Anniversaire: 01/26/1949
Lieu de naissance: San Francisco, California, USA

Credits David Strathairn

November Criminals (2017)
as Theo Schacht

Darkest Hour (2017)
as Franklin D. Roosevelt

American Pastoral (2016)
as Nathan Zuckerman

Louder Than Bombs (2015)
as Richard Weissman

Oliver's Deal (2015)
as Nathan

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015)
as Ty Burley

Godzilla (2014)
as Admiral William Stenz

No God, No Master (2014)
as William Flynn

Clementine (2014)
as Henry

Lincoln@Gettysburg (2013)
as Narrator

Maladies (2013)
as Delmar

Lincoln (2012)
as William Seward

Love, Marilyn (2012)
as Himself

Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
as John Dos Passos

The Bourne Legacy (2012)
as Noah Vosen

Inside Area 51 Secrets (2011)
as Himself - Narrator

The Tempest (2010)
as King Alonso

The Whistleblower (2010)
as Peter Ward

Howl (2010)
as Ralph McIntosh

Temple Grandin (2010)
as Professor Carlock

The People Speak (2009)
as Himself

Cold Souls (2009)
as Dr. Flintstein

The Uninvited (2009)
as Steven

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)
as Arthur Spiderwick

Trumbo (2007)
as Himself

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
as Noah Vosen

Racing Daylight (2007)
as Henry / Harry

My Blueberry Nights (2007)
as Arnie

Fracture (2007)
as DA Joe Lobruto

We Are Marshall (2006)
as President Dedmon

The Sensation Of Sight (2006)
as Finn

Heavens Fall (2006)
as Judge James Horton

The Shovel (2006)
as Paul Mullin

Steel Toes (2006)

Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005)
as Edward R. Murrow

The Notorious Bettie Page (2005)
as Estes Kefauver

Missing in America (2005)
as Henry R. Hocknell Jr.

Twisted (2004)
as Dr. Melvin Frank

Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story (2002)
as Jack Hoschouer

Lathe of Heaven (2002)
as Mannie

Blue Car (2002)
as Auster

Speakeasy (2002)
as Bruce Hickman

Relative Evil (2001)
as Dr. Charlie

The Victim (2001)
as Mark Zingerline

A Good Baby (2000)
as Truman Lester

The Miracle Worker (2000)
as Captain Keller

Harrison's Flowers (2000)
as Harrison Lloyd

Freedom Song (2000)

A Map of the World (1999)
as Howard Goodwin

Limbo (1999)
as 'Jumpin' Joe Gastineau

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)
as Theseus

Bad Manners (1998)
as Wes Westlund

Meschugge (1998)
as Charles Kaminski

Simon Birch (1998)
as Rev. Russell

With Friends Like These... (1998)

Evidence of Blood (1998)
as Jackson Kinley

The Climb (1998)
as Earl Himes

L.A. Confidential (1997)
as Pierce Patchett

In the Gloaming (1997)
as Martin

Song of Hiawatha (1997)

Beyond the Call (1996)
as Russel Gates

Home for the Holidays (1995)
as Russell Terziak

Dolores Claiborne (1995)
as Joe St. George

Losing Isaiah (1995)
as Charles Lewin

The River Wild (1994)
as Tom Hartman

A Dangerous Woman (1993)
as Getso

The Firm (1993)
as Ray McDeere

Lost in Yonkers (1993)
as Johnny

The American Clock (1993)

Passion Fish (1992)
as Rennie

Sneakers (1992)
as Irwin 'Whistler' Emery

Bob Roberts (1992)
as Mack Laflin

A League of Their Own (1992)
as Ira Lowenstein

Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even (1992)
as Keith

O Pioneers! (1992)
as Carl Linstrum

City of Hope (1991)
as Asteroid

Without Warning: The James Brady Story (1991)
as Doctor Art Kobrine

Judgment (1990)
as Father Frank Aubert

Memphis Belle (1990)
as Col. Craig Harriman

Heat Wave (1990)
as Bill Thomas

Day One (1989)
as J. Robert Oppenheimer

Eight Men Out (1988)
as Eddie Cicotte

Call Me (1988)
as Sam

Stars & Bars (1988)
as Charlie

Matewan (1987)
as Police Chief Sid Hatfield

Broken Vows (1987)
as Stuart Chase

At Close Range (1986)
as Tony Pine

When Nature Calls (1985)
as Weejun

The Brother from Another Planet (1984)
as Man In Black

Iceman (1984)
as Dr. Singe

Silkwood (1983)
as Wesley

Lovesick (1983)
as Marvin Zuckerman

Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1983)

Return of the Secaucus Seven (1980)
as Ron

Fast Color ()
as Ellis

UFO ()
as Franklin Ahls